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after 2 years of being away from lj i decided to take a look and its so funny to read back at the problems i had back then :P
i doubt anyone is going to read this since all the people i talked to closed their account but for the people who do read, heres what is going on.

i finished high school and earned my first diploma. then i applied to college and got in :)
but half way through my first year my mom got really sick and i decided to drop out because i didnt really like it and i wanted to take care of my mom.
i made friends and lost them again. (big suprise there) so now i barely have any friends left and spend all my days working at the local supermarket and right here in the internet.
i applied to beauty school and im waiting for the letter in the mail telling me im in.
so yeah, nothing really out of the ordinairy xD

i havent made icons in forever, but im starting again, trying to get iconmation alive.
is it just me or is livejournal dead? nothing gets updated anymore?

well, for anyone who is reading this that knew me 3 years ago, how is life?
and for the people that stumbled onto my journal, hello, im patricia! i would love to get to know you better :)

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hey guys,
so im sorry i havent been updating about myself but also with my icons cause life has been pretty crazy.
new school, new friends and all that jazz.
i recently found out my mom doesnt have more then 2 years to live so ive been spending more time with her,
and less on the computer. and when im on the computer, im on tumblr, which is a link in the sidebar.

so im sorry for the lacking update, but im having request post at my own icon comm:

hope to talk to yall more ;D

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1. Are you single - yes
2. Are you happy - yes
3. Are you bored - now? no.. cause im filling in this... meme thingy..
4. Are you naked - HAHAHA NO! xD im in my pj's ;'D
5. Are you a blonde - BRUNETTE ALL THE WAY BBY!
6. Are you moody - i can be when you wake me up for nothing. sleep and i are besties for life..
7. Are you a lover/hater - lover.
8. Are you hot/cold - whats that for a question?
9. Are you Irish - no dutch/french.
10. Are you Asian- nope... i think.. JK! xD im not.


1. Name – patricia mariette houterman
2. Nicknames – trish, pattie. but on the internet id like to be called demi :]
3. Any birth marks - no.
4. Hair color - brunette... woo, wait i have a deja vu..
5. Natural hair color - light brown.
6. Eye color - blue/green/gray
7. Height - idk.. i dont know american sizes... im 1.60 meters...
8. Mood- tired.. REAL tired.
9. Favorite color – blue/red. i dont really have a favorite to be honest..


1. Do you believe in love at first sight – no
2. Do you believe in soul mates - yep
3. Have you ever been hurt emotionally - do not all people get hurt by someone? doesnt matter if its a bf/gf... right?
4. Have you ever broke someone’s heart? - HAHA NO! never even kissed... -cheeks turn red-
5. Ever had your heart broken? - no.. wait, yeah, but not like broken hearted by a boy.. it was by 3 bffls... wait, does that even count?
6. Have you ever liked someone but never told them? - ugh, dont get me started.
7. Are you afraid of commitment? - well.. no comment.
8. Who was the last person you hugged? - MY MOMMA! .. i think.. NO MY BFFL JESSIE! yeaahh, it ws jessie.. OMFG THATS OVER 2 MONTHS AGO! i really need to start hugging people more...
9. Who was the last person you said I love you to? - I KNOW FOR SURE THAT WAS MY MOMMA! and daddy.. i think..


1. Love or lust – huh? well i guess love.
2. Cats or dogs – cats.
3. A few best friends or many regular friends - a few best friends
4. Television or internet - internet
5. Chinese Or Indian - Chinese
6. Wild night out or romantic night in – wild night out. im not really the ''romantic'' type..
7. Money or Happiness - happiness
8. Night or Day - night
9. MSN or Phone - msn. i never have my phone on... :P


1. Been caught sneaking out – yes
2. Been skinny dipping - yes
3. Bungee jumped – luckily no, even though it seems cool.
4. Lied to someone you liked – haha, uhm yeah.. hope he isnt reading this..
5. Finished an entire jaw breaker – YES!
6. Wanted an ex bf/gf back – nope
7. Cried because you lost a pet – yes.. when i ws 12 our cat died that i grew up with. i cried my eyes out at school. HAHAH THAT DAY WAS AWSOME! it was someones birthday and he was giving treats, so when he heard about my cat he gave me all the left overs! xD haha STILL LOVE THAT DUDE WITH MY LIFE!
8. Wanted to disappear – yeah, more then someone should.


1. Smile or eyes - smile
2. Light or dark hair – light, dark makes you look pale -.-
3. Hugs or kisses - hugs
4. Shorter or taller – taller
5. Intelligence or attraction – intelligence. i dont care much bout looks ;D
6. Romantic or spontaneous - spontaneous!
7. Funny or serious - funny. but when im serious people really shouldnt make jokes cause then hell breaks loose.
8. Older or Younger - older. 16+ MOVIE FTW!
9. Outgoing or quiet - quiet.
10. Sweet or Bad Ass – BAD ASSS!


1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd - yeah, and let me tell you people, ITS SCARY AS HELL!
2. Ever done drugs – no
3. Ever been on a cheerleading team - no, dont want to. im to fat for that xD
4. Ever been on a dance team - yes
5. Ever been on a sports team - when i was little... i did soccer.. AND I TOTALLY KICKED ASS! atleast, thats what my dad used to tell me.... SON OF A BITCH, HE LIED TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!
6. Ever been in a drama play/production - yes. ive been on a dutch soap as cameo ;D
7. Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer or Bentley? - dude, im 15....?
8. Ever been in a rap video? -NOWPE! BUT WANT TO... I CAN BE GANGSTA LIKE 50 CENT OR JUSTIN BIEBER.. oh wait, he aint gangster...


1. Last phone call you made - a friend to ask which period we begin xD
2. Last person you hung out with - shirley and samantha... their friends..
3. Last time you worked - no comment.. NOT! xD im still workless :D
4. Last person you tackled - haha while gym class, maurice, he was being annoying so i tackled him while playing american football ;D
5. Last person you IM’d - i dont do all that shizzle. MSN FTW!
6. Last person(s) you went to the movies with – it was the eclipse marathon.. and i went alone -.- FOREVER ALONE!
7. Last thing you missed – first period... -ashamed-
8. Last thing you ate - apple and before that soup ;D tomato to be exact!


1. Sleep in bed beside you? again, FOREVER ALONEEE!
2. Saw you cry? - my mom.. we get in fights way to many times..
3. You went out to dinner with? - ma parents and bro!
4. You talked on the phone to? - shirley
5. Made you laugh? - haha my father with his lame jokes ;P


1. Pierce your nose or tongue? - nose
2. Be serious or be funny? - funny
3. Drink whole or skim milk? - skim
4. Spend time with your parents or enemies? - parents


1. Simple or complicated? - simple.. sometimes a bit to simple for my own good. i kinda have to gift to cannot say no.
2. Retarded? - uhm... HECK TO THE FUDGING YES! being weird, crazy, retared is AWSOMEEE!


1. Flowers or candy? - candy. flowers die.
2. Gray or black? - black
3. Color or Black and white photos? - black and white
4. Sunrise or sunset? - sunset
5. Staying up late or waking up early? - staying up late


1. Do you like anyone? - yes
2. Do they know it? - hahahahahahahahhahahahaha no.


1. Sun or moon? moon
2. Winter or Summer? autumn.
3. Left or right? - LEFT FTW BITCHEZZ!
4. 10 acquaintances or having two best friends? - two best friends.
5. Sun or rain? - rain.
6. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream? - vanilla
7. Vodka or Jack Daniels? -I GO FOR THE COCKTAIL!


1. Nervous Habits? - biting my nails and lips. i also start talking fast. and i also start being really weird when im nervous xD
2. Are you double jointed? - ...? huh?
3. Can you twist your tongue around and roll it? - i lost it at twist my tongue.
4. Can you raise one eyebrow? - your kinda awsome when you cant...
5. Can you cross your eyes? - hehe yeah, but i get a headache :P
6. Do you make your bed daily? - no, to lazy. and my mom gave up on me at the age of 4.


1. Had a relationship? no
2. Bought something? - yes
3. Sang: yes. my bathroom is my biggest fan.
4. Been hugged: thats something i dont know.. i dont think so.. FOREVER ALONEE!
5. Felt stupid: daily.
6. Missed someone: yes


1. Last Alcoholic Drink: smirnoff. its russian.. i think xD
2. Last Car ride: again, IM FUDGING 15 DUDE!
3. Last Movie Seen: eclipse... FUCK YEAH
4. Last Song Played: strutt that ass song by schoyoho on youtube xD



- Available: yes
- Age: 15
- Animal: cat

- Birthday: 4th june
- Best weather: warm with a nice breeze.
- Been on stage?: Yes
- Believe in magic: no, but alex russo from wizzards of waverly place does... and she is awsome..
- Believe in God: i believe there is something between heaven and earth but god.. idk..
- Believe in Santa: FUCK YEAH!

- Candy: skittles
- Color: Blue/red
- Chinese/Mexican: Chinese.
- Cake or pie: PIE. DEAN WINCHESTER FTW. only real supernatural fans know what i mean.. uhuh.
- Cheese: FUCK YEAH!

- Day or Night: night
- Dance in the rain?: brb, its raining now.

- Eggs: on my bread as scrambled yes please ;D
- Eyes: Blue/green/gray
- Ever failed a class?: yeah. french and german.

- First crush: orlando bloom... HAHA HE IS SO CUTE! xD
- First thoughts waking up: ''go back to sleep, that was an awsome dream.'' most of the time i dream of jensen ackles, jared padalecki and tumblr.
- Food: pizza and mac.

- Greatest fear: bugs.
- Goals: get a job and finish high school without problems.
- Gum: anything with a good fruit taste.
- Get along with your parents: sometimes. we have our moments.
- Good luck charm: my bracelet with charms on it.

- Hair color: light brown. DUDE, I ALREADY DID THIS QUESTION!
- Height: look above.
- Happy: yes
- Holiday: summer. no wait that doesnt count... x-mas.
- How do you want to die: with all my beloved ones.

- Ice cream: BEN AND JERRY'S only if they werent so expensive.
- Instrument: guitare.

- Jewellery: my necklace with a birdwing, and my bracelet with charms.
- Job: got any suggestions?

- Kids: i dont think i want to. if my husband wants to i would do it but not if it depends on me.
- Kickboxing or karate: VIOLANCE IS NOT THE ANSWER!
- Keep a journal: i always forget...

- Love: family, internet, amelie and carlie.
- Laughed so hard you cried: when im reading convo's between jeric-kripke and wendigo on tumblr. or when im reading the ffuuuu commics on tumblr.

- Milk flavor: ...
- Movie: walk to remember.
- Mooned anyone: ...
- Motion sickness: naah

- Number of siblings: brother dennis - 17
- Number of piercings: only my ears.

- Overused Phrases: OMFG, FUCK YEAH! or: DUDE, WTF? are that phrases?
- One wish: rn, i have everything i want.. oh wait expect a faster computer so i guess that.

- Place you’d like to live: america. florida, south dakota, new carolina or LA ;D
- Perfect Pizza: hawaii or bbq chicken.
- Pepsi/Coke: i hate pepsi with a passion so its gonna be coke.

- Questionnaires: ...

- Reason to cry: when you thought your 3 best friends drop you like your trash and make up things about you and everyone believes them...
- Radio station: idk i never listen to the radio.
- Roll your tongue in a circle: yes... i think.

- Song: peacock - katy perry
- Shoe size: idk..
- Salad dressing: ...
- Slept outside: hehe in the party tent in the backyard...
- Shower daily?:yes ;D
- Sing well?: idk.. people say i do but i personally think not.
- In the shower?: sing in the shower? FUCK YEAH!
- Strawberries/Blueberries: dont they taste the same?

- Time for bed: 2 hours ago but ugh who cares?
- Thunderstorms: OMFG, ONE CAME AROUND JUST 30 MIN AGO! omfg, my desk was shaking :|
- TV: nahh, i barely watch tv. all the tv shows that i watch are also online so nahh.
- Touch your tongue to your nose: I used to be able to do that..

- Unpredictable: …

- Vegetable you hate: everything green or red is no where near my bffl.
- Vacation spot: idc, as long as there is a pool ;D

- Weakness: being used.
- Wanted to be a model: haha no, again to fat for that :P
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: my brother. he is not my friend but my brother always copies everyone. he cant control it or something he does it automaticly.
- Who makes you laugh the most: my friends samantha and mike or my father
- Worst weather: Hail!

- X-rays: omg, that always looks so cool!

- Year it is now: 2010.
- Yellow: huh?

- Zoo animal: Penguins
- Zodiac sign: ... no comment.
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demi, 15, dutch, love america, friendly.
supernatural, one tree hill, fringe, ghost whisperer, vampire diaries, grey anatomy, dr phil (he is like, totally awsome), glee, disney channel (not everything), how i met your mother, friends, the OC, as the world turns.
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